Node.js on the Raspberry

sudo apt update

sudo apt full-upgrade -y

apt list nodejs

Major Version Upgrades

curl -sL | sudo -E bash –

curl -sL | sudo -E bash –

sudo apt install nodejs

node -v

v8.11.3 LTS

  • $ node
  • > 1 + 3
  • 4
  • > # We can hit Ctrl-C twice to exit the REPL and get back to the bash (shell) prompt.


excerpt from

Install Node.js and Npm on Raspberry Pi

Install Node.js and Npm on Raspberry Pi: You can build many apps using node.js and npm on your raspberry pi and it’s very easy to interact with GPIO or other components connected to your raspberry pi. So if you are like me and like to do it on node.js here a few simple steps to install n…

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing: The Structural Anatomy and Expressive Design of the Human Form (7th Edition)by Nathan Goldstein

Publisher:Pearson, 2010
368 pages – softcover
9780136031918 / 0136031919

Appropriate for all beginning and intermediate courses in Art, Basic Drawing, Figure Drawing, or Life Drawing.
Providing a concise but comprehensive survey of all matters pertaining to drawing the human figure, this well-illustrated and accurate guide demonstrates the interplay of structure, anatomy, design, and expression in sound figure drawing.  This text shows how the integration of these four factors is essential in drawing the figure in a compelling and lucid manner.