STEAM – Science Tech Engineering Art Math

S T E A M science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics STEAM programs aim to teach students to think critically and use engineering or technology in imaginative designs or creative approaches to real-world problems while building on students’ mathematics and science base. STEAM programs add art to STEM curriculum by drawing on design principles and […]


CAD Acronym for computer-aided design CAM computer-aided manufacturing CNC computer numerical control: automated operation of a machine by a computer program. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: What is a CNC router? What is GRBL? An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that runs on an Arduino UNO. What is Arduino?


Andre navne: 2-Hydroxybenzoesyremethylester, salicylsyremethylester. (Eng.: Methyl salicylate, 2-hydroxybenzoic acid methyl ester, wintergreen oil) Methylsalicylat er en ester mellem salicylsyre og methanol. Methylsalicylat har en lugt der kan beskrives som mynte, krydret, sød og vintergrøn. Methylsalicylat er hovedbestanddel i de æteriske olier vintergrøntolie og gaultheriaolie. MV= 152,15 g/mol; SMP= -8,6oC; KP= 220-223oC; bruttoformel: C8H8O3; densitet: 1,17g […]