Kitchen sink Lithography

Kitchen Lithography:
Rapid, eco-freindly and less-toxic !
Kitchen lithography is fast, and inexpensive.   Most of the materials can be bought for very little and are found in most kitchens. If you have the ink and a press all the better but event  the press is not required.

Material List:
• Reynolds heavy-duty aluminum foil
• Polycarbonate or Plexiglas plate (for stretching the aluminum foil
• Paper Towel (viva is what I uses)
• Tape (for anchoring the aluminum foil)
• 1500 grit waterproof sandpaper (sanding the foil to increase the tooth and surface area)
• White kitchen vinegar (cleaning off prepared foil and making it more receptive)
• Soda/Cola containing phosphoric acid (for etching the plate)
• Korn’s litho crayon (drawing the image)
• Vegetable Oil
• Sponge (for wiping the plate and keeping the plate wet)
• Oil based Etching Ink (graphic chemical ink is what I used)
• Press or Wooden Spoon
• Paper torn to the correct size for the image, any good quality smooth surfaced paper should work (BFK, Stonehenge, Magnani Pescia, ect ) Continue reading