python3 install pi

default /home/pi

tar xzvf Python-3.8.0.tgz
cd Python-3.8.0/
make -j4
sudo make install
sudo make altinstall

echo "alias python3=’/usr/local/opt/python-3.8.0/bin/python3.8′"  >> ~/.profile

Timelapse on PI

Raspberry Pi: Timelapse Camera with the PiCamera module

Create time lapse videos using your Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi camera. In this section you will find all of the code and everything you need to start your…

Python Script on Github


BerryCam v2 Support – Fotosyn

Once you have entered the IP address, needs to be run as a Python process in order to provide the necessary links to allow the BerryCam iOS app to trigger the camera, provide previews and save files.

BrickPi – Dexter Industries

BrickPi – Dexter Industries

BrickPi is a robot kit that connects your LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3/NXT sensors and motors to the Raspberry Pi and program in Scratch, Java, Python and more.

Pistorm v2

PiStorms LEGO Mindstorm with Raspberry Pi Brains

PiStorms LEGO Mindstorm with Raspberry Pi Brains

Products – Charmed Labs

Products – Charmed Labs

New! Pixy2 for Lego Connects directly to EV3 brick Free Pixy2 Lego software block for easy programming Pixy2 Faster, more features and less expensive than original Pixy New line following mode! Built-in bright LED light source Pan/Tilt for Pixy2 Faster than original Pan/Tilt Attaches directly to Arduino with compatible hole pattern Pan/Tilt Kit for Pixy …