Vraag – Blender

Vraag – A higher-level library for Blender scripting – BlenderNation Andreas Klostermann is working on a concept for a new type of scripting language for Blender. From what I’ve seen so far it has the potential to make scripting more easily accessible for artists. What do you think? Blender Vraag is a Python library for […]

L-py install

themangosteen/lpy-lsystems-blender-addon This project was developed as part of a TU Vienna Bachelor thesis on the use of L-systems inside of the open source 3D computer graphics software Blender. The thesis describes applications of the code prodived in this project for specific use cases of L-system modeling in Blender and specifically to environmental interaction of a […]

lego boost update

BoostRemote – a swift App for iOS movehub – a Node.js interface node-red-contrib-movehub – Node-RED control Lego Boost Move Hub boostanista – alternative remote for Lego Boost with Pythonista and iOS pyb00st – a python3 library pylgbst – another python library Andrey Pokhilko on youtube


brew install python brew link python brew install python3 brew link python3 brew doctor   rm -rf mydir python: PIP Zelle graphics.py tkinter tkinter.photoimage __________ fd forward lt left rr right bk back pu pen up pd pen down clearscreen home setx sety TO SQUARE repeat 4 [fd 90 lr 90] setpensize setbackground setpc 0 […]