python3 install pi

default /home/pi

tar xzvf Python-3.8.0.tgz
cd Python-3.8.0/
make -j4
sudo make install
sudo make altinstall

echo "alias python3=’/usr/local/opt/python-3.8.0/bin/python3.8′"  >> ~/.profile

Raspberry Pi CNC Hat V2.58 GRBL v1.1 Compatable

Raspberry Pi CNC Hat V2.60 – GRBL v1.1 Compatable – Uses Pololu Stepper Drivers | eBay

Pre-loaded with the latest GRBL firmware v1.1. GRBL V1.1 PWM compatible. (Open source firmware that turns G-code commands into stepper signals). Uses removable Pololu A4988 compatible stepper drivers.

Pi Cap – Bare Conductive

The Pi Cap adds precise capacitive touch, proximity sensing and high quality audio to your Raspberry Pi.

Connect your Pi project to the physical world. Create sensors by connecting Electric Paint or anything conductive  to one of the Pi Cap’s 12 electrodes to control audio, video or connect to the internet. Make a MIDI piano, an  interactive wall, a proximity sensor — you decide. Our Raspbian package contains code examples for C++, Python  and Node.js.

• Capacitive touch and distance sensing
• High quality audio output
• Tutorials to help you get started
• User-­programmable RGB LED
• Multi function button
• Prototyping area with GPIO breakout
• Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, Zero (or any Pi with  40 pin GPIO connector)
• Powerful C++, Python and Node.js libraries and examples

Works with:
Crocodile clips, copper tape,  solder and e­‐textiles. Use with Electric Paint to design your own sensors

PI 123 instructions

16 Channel PWM Expansion Board

Control Servos + PWM devices using this 16 channel PWM Expansion Board. PCA9685

When you run out of PWM Arduino-pins or are on a Raspberry Pi that doesn’t have PWM capability. With this PWM Expansion Board you can control up to 16 PWM driven devices from via 2 I2C pins. Can also be daisy-chained to give you up to 992 PWM outputs.


  • I2C controlled PWM/Servo driver board
  • Clock on board
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V – 6V
  • 6 I2C Address Select Pins
  • Max Daisy-chaining: 62 boards for a total of 992 PWM outputs
  • Max PWM frequency: 1.6 kHz
  • Resolution: 12 bit
  • Configurable Output (push-pull or open-drain)
  • Output Enable (OE) allows you to turn off all outputs at once
  • Onboard Features:
    • Polarity Protection
    • Power Indicator LED
    • Optional capacitor solder point for smoothing
      • Address Select Jumpers

Control a ‘LOT’ of Servo Motors using a Joystick, Arduino and PCA9685 PWM Module – Tutorial

Visit to download the code, library and get more information about our YouTube Tutorial. Facebook:…

A simple method to control upto almost 1000 servos

In this video we are going to see the pca9685 which is a 16 channel 12 bit pwm driver to drive servos or leds . it is I2C : this means that you can control i…

Worksheet – Turtley Amazing | Raspberry Pi Learning Resources


Source: Worksheet – Turtley Amazing | Raspberry Pi Learning Resources

Worksheet – Turtle Snowflakes | Raspberry Pi Learning Resources

Source: Worksheet – Turtle Snowflakes | Raspberry Pi Learning Resources